Which Membership is Right for Me?





New Student Special (45 Days Unlimited)

*Best option for New Students who will attend 3 times or more in 45 days.

$45$3.50$2.33$1.75$1.40$1.17BUY NOW

Unlimited Auto Draft Membership

*Best option for continuing student who attend class 9 times a month or more.

$99$12.38$8.25$6.19$4.85$4.13BUY NOW

Family Rate Auto Draft   (2 Members of the same household.)

*Best option for continuing students in a 2 member household who attend 13 times total/mo.

$140$8.75$5.83$4.38$3.50$2.92BUY NOW

8x/month  Auto Draft (Additional classes are $13)***

​*Best option for continuing students attending 8 classes a mo. Approximately 2x/wk

$88$11BUY NOW

4x/month  Auto Draft (Additional classes are $15) ***

*Best option for continuing students attending 4 classes a mo. Approximately 1x/wk

$52$13BUY NOW

10 Class Pack *

*Best option for continuing students who attend classes intermittently. Less than 1x/wk

$150$15BUY NOW

5 Class Pack **

$85$17BUY NOW

Drop In

*Best option for out of towners who will only be able to attend 1 or 2 classes while visiting.

$20$20BUY NOW

New Yoga Student 45 Days of Classes


Minimum Commitment: NONE
Auto-Renewal: Memberships automatically renews monthly; the price at the time of purchase is locked in until the member chooses to cancel.
Upgrades & Downgrades: Memberships can be upgraded or downgraded with 14 days’ notice to implement a change.
Pauses: Memberships can be paused between 14 days-90 days for a maximum of 90 days in a calendar year.
Cancellations: Cancel at any time. It can take up to 14 days to process the change. We cannot pro-rate any membership payments.
Need to make any changes to your membership?              Please complete the Membership Change Request Form.

* 6 Month Expiration
**3 Month Expiration
***Classes do not roll over on the 4 and 8x/mo packages.


Yoga Membership Unlimited Classes
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