Benefits of prenatal Yoga

Pre-natal yoga can help relieve aches and pains, strengthen the body, open the hips for pregnancy, reduce anxiety, create a bond between you and your baby, and develop confidence in your own body's abilities..

Yoga During  Your Pregnancy

Your number 1 job in the next 9 months is to grow a happy, healthy baby. Yoga can help with that if you listen to your body, your inner voice, your doctor, your yoga teacher, and follow these guidelines.

Always make sure to ask your doctor if your participation in yoga is healthy for you and your pregnancy. If your doctor would like to know more about what you will be doing in yoga class, please feel free to sign a release of information with your doctor’s office, and invite them to contact us.)

Guidelines for Prenatal Yoga

Click HERE for a list of guidelines to help you navigate yoga during your classes with us.